How To CustomizeIt

Custom Layout Options

By uploading a design to Build-A-Bonnet you are indicating that you own it or have a legal right to use it.  This means that you either created all of the images, words and design yourself and they don’t originate from another source or you are using someone else's material but have a license or right to do so. 

File Types, Size and Color Space Requirements

Build-A-Bonnet prints all of our products in the sRBG color mode. We do not recommend working with CMYK or Pantone Colors when selecting the best color options for your design.

For best results, we recommend uploading a JPG or PNG file at 150 dpi. We allow any JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIF files under 40 MB. We do not accept any PDF or Microsoft Word Document files. If you may need to convert one of your files prior to uploading, we highly recommend using an alternate site or your own program for this.

Keep in mind, we are unable to accept files larger than 40 MB at any time. All files must be uploaded directly on our website.

If your file is over 40 MB, you can try compressing the file a bit. In most design programs, there are options to compress a file when saving. For example, if you are using Adobe Photoshop, we have found that saving a file as a .JPG and selecting “High” instead of “Maximum” (when the image quality prompt pops up) is a great way to reduce the size of a file without compromising the quality. 

 Build-A-Bonnet Basic Pattern 

Basic Repeat

Your design will be tiled from the lower left corner up and to the right to fill the available space for your order. If you upload an image larger than the area then we will crop it back towards the lower left corner (e.g. the top and/or right sides will be cropped). 

Build-A-Bonnet Half-Drop Pattern

Half-Drop Repeat

This is like the basic repeat, except the design is repeated with a half-step vertically as you move to the right.

Build-A-Bonnet Half-Brick Repeat Pattern

Half-Brick Repeat

This is also a staggered repeat, but the design shifts half-step horizontally to the right as you move upwards like bricks, hence the name.

Build-A-Bonnet Centered Pattern

Center Repeat

Your will be center if it's a single image/design. If the image/art is already in a pattern layout we will expand your image/art to display across the product of choice.

Build-A-Bonnet Mirror Pattern


Mirror Repeat

This layout creates designs without obvious seams by mirroring your original design so that it folds out into four sections with every edge pixel identical to its immediate neighbor.


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