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TURQUOISE | Satin Scarf

TURQUOISE | Satin Scarf

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Our Turquoise Satin Scarf is a must have. Providing extra protection against breakage all day. Made from super soft satin to minimize breakage, snags, and dryness, this is the ideal hair accessory for all hair types. Available in 2 sizes and extra gentle in texture, you can wrap it around your hair at night to retain moisture or you can rock a fashionable head wrap by tying it around your hair and knotting it in the back or on top. Breathable and soft, be gentle to your edges and curls with a sleep scarf made to fit your needs. Worn in many forms from headwraps, neck ties, shawls, skirts even shirts. 

Fabric: Charmeuse Satin fabric is a smooth, lustrous fabric constructed with a satin weave and 100% polyester fibers. Known as “the fabric of the emperors," Charmeuse Satin fabric is luxuriously shiny on the front side, with a matte finish on the back side. A light to medium weight, silky fabric that's notably soft and gracefully flowy.

Measurements: 34" x 34" or 19" x 54"

***Picture is taken with and/or without flash depending on the color due to this color/shade may not be exact.

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